Adrian Cox

  • Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga

  • Connected Breathwork

  • Pentagram Yoga

Coaching and Training


My work is all about mind-body and spirit. As the the founder of Yoga Elements, a highly regarded and venerable school of yoga in Bangkok since 2001, I have been teaching all kinds of people individually and in groups all around the world for over 20 years. I have knowledge and experience that can help you to reclaim your own power, develop your body-mind, find healing and personal growth, and come back to your soul


Training and One-to-One

Alignment based vinyasa

20 years experience teaching, founder of Yoga Elements Studio

connected breathwork

Rebirthing, Pranayama and Energy Work

pentagram yoga

The Art of Magick and Yoga


Workshops and Trainings

The scope of my teaching is all about body-mind… below are some of the sample trainings and workshops I give