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Adrian Cox

teaches a unique approach to body-mind-spirit wellness, blending yoga, Connected Breathwork and coaching psychology together, to shift people’s bodies, and minds towards health and total wellbeing. Adrian is a certified NLP trainer, hypnotherapist, and Rebirthing Connected Breathwork teacher. Adrian is the founder and director of Yoga Elements Studio in Bangkok, one of the first yoga centers in Thailand which has been praised as “easily Bangkok’s best studio” by Travel and Leisure (-25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World) and as “Bangkok’s most inspiring place to study yoga” by Bangkok Post (-The Magazine reader choice awards).

His yoga approach is a blend of Scaravelli (Paddy McGrath), Ashtanga Vinysasa (BNS Iyengar), Vinyasa Krama (Srivatsa Ramaswami), and years of deep study and practice of meditation and philosophy. His therapeutic and communication work is influenced and inspired by John Grinder, Christina Hall, and Stephen Gilligan.

He sees private clients and teaches workshops, and trainings worldwide, and is featured at the Yoga Journal conferences in Moscow and Bangkok in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

A little in my own words

I grew up in a home that became broken. This lead to group homes and foster homes. I couldn't tell you how many "parents" I had over that span of time. As a very sensitive kid, to help myself cope, I unknowingly developed a thick emotional armor. I became a master at living in my head, safely walled off from the vulnerability of my heart. It was after all, much safer to live in a concept about life than to actually risk getting hurt more.

I did however, always have a sense that there was some way of making life better. That I had some potential to uncover. But I couldn't have told you what that was at the time. Being a naturally curious, mystically-minded person, I started on the spiritual search quite early in life. You could always find me in the psychology and spiritual sections of the bookstore and at almost any self-development program that came to my attention. As it was Seattle in the 90's, drugs also factored into my search. That's how it was for many people around me in that place and time. But one thing lead to another and eventually the use of substances became substance abuse. One evening I got the unmistakably clear and totally unglamorous message that it was time for the party to stop. I saw that I had to change otherwise I'd probably be dead soon.

Dedication to yoga became my way through and I didn’t look back. I made a move to New York to work in high tech but I soon found myself much more interested in being on the yoga mat than sitting at my desk. Following a life-changing vision while on a ten day meditation retreat, I quit my job to pursue yoga. It began with a teacher training at OM Yoga in New York in 1999, followed by a year of study and practice split between Nepal and India. This included the Bihar School of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga with BNS Iyengar and Hatha Yoga and Sanskrit with Venkatesh in Mysore and Dr. Yogi Vikashanand in Kathmandu.

Following this, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand and started Yoga Elements school of yoga in 2001. Over the next 18 years I dedicated myself to practice, study and teaching with near single minded focus. To further develop my skill in teaching, I also invested deeply into the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, qualifying as a trainer with three different, highly regarded teachers of NLP: John Overdurf (HNLP), Christina Hall (Society of NLP) and John Grinder (NLP co-founder).

Under my direction, Yoga Elements became known as one of the top schools of yoga in the world, receiving such accolades as "one of Bangkok's most sought-after studios" and "easily Bangkok's best yoga studio" (Travel and Leisure), "the most respected studio" (Lonely Planet), and "the undisputed king of Bangkok yoga studios" (Bangkok Airways) among others.

I had reached a certain status, I had a little bit of fame, a couple of TV shows. I traveled the world teaching, spending a lot of time in beautiful places with interesting people. But life throws punches, and the big one for me was getting KO'ed by a heart-breaking divorce. I broke down to the point where I could not find my way out. Despite being a man of many tools of wellness, I found that nothing I knew could pull me out of depression. So I sought help and advice from therapists and healers and a ton of books. I went into a monastery. Tried plant medicine with a Peruvian shaman. I trekked across a peninsula in Japan. Twice. Nothing really worked.

Then I found Connected Breathwork. Under the skilled guidance of Layla and Viola Edwards of Kayana Breathwork School in Cyprus, I began to not only heal the wounds from my divorce, I started to free myself of the layers of psychological armor around my heart I had build up as a child. These defense mechanisms were so familiar that they just seemed like that was who I was. As a person. But these limiting thoughts were working against me. They worked against the kind of relationships that I actually most wanted. Through Connected Breathwork, I could finally begin to see these patterns and get freedom from them.

For me, Connected Breathwork incomparably delivers in ways no other yoga or meditation practice ever has. It has completely and permanently changed my life, thoughts, emotions and perspective for the better. I let people in more and connect better. It has even restored a sense of flow and synchronicity to life. Since that time, I have also seen it do the same for others, time and time again.

What I believe

  • Our innate nature is one of light, love and expansive consciousness. This means that at your core, you are good. You have potential. You have boundless light. Connected Breathwork and meditation really help to clear out the limiting thoughts which obscures our light.

  • Our thoughts have creative power. Our thoughts shape what we notice and also influence people, animals and events. For this reason, it is important to guide our own thought processes or open up beyond them.

  • We are all connected through consciousness. Consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the universe. It is not solely a byproduct of a mechanical brain and nervous system.

  • We can experience other than usual, "higher" states of consciousness. This is not only natural, it is healing and transformative. I believe that as our level of consciousness rises, we become more loving, connected and happy. Connected Breathwork and meditation are the supreme tools to do exactly this.

What I do

I help people heal and feel better. Get stronger, clearer and more open. Improve your energy so you become more attractive in a good way and bring in positive synchronicities to your life. That is what happens when you begin to balance the body and open the breath. I combine over 20 years of teaching body, mind and spirit using Yoga, Connected Breathwork, meditation and NLP. Connect with me for a free 30 minute intro call via Skype today.




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