I have been teaching yoga and meditation around the world since 1999. My teaching focuses on growth, learning and personal change through the body and breathing. I’m always doing what I can to elicit deep and immersive experiences from my students, to set up the conditions for insights to occur. My teaching style utilizes both Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles of communication and hypnotherapeutic tools.


Alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga 

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I take a basis of a system of a yoga system called “Vinyasa” and teach it slowed down from how it is typically taught. Vinyasa is a system of yoga from South India that synchronizes breath and movements and is typically quite dynamic and even athletic. Vinyasa has as its base, core principles of breath (ujjayi technique), muscular engagement (bandha) and concentration techniques (drishti) which I continue to utilize in my teaching. Instead of prioritizing fast movement as is typically taught, I like to build up from good alignment and effective techniques of how to use your body. This will make your practice advance faster and feel good. Through my school of yoga, Yoga Elements in Bangkok, as well as by being a guest teacher around the world I have, since 1999, taught yoga to thousands of people. I work with all body types and many different types of conditions and injuries. My eye is keen and my focus is on you learning about and returning to, your body. With me you can also learn about the wider scope of yoga including anatomy, breath practices, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy.


Pentagram Yoga


Pentagram Yoga combines the focus of magick ritual with the energetic power of the body through yoga practice. It brings your body, breath and energy into a practice of magick and elevates yoga to touch new and different levels within you. It is both magick ritual and yoga- a rich and immersive practice of yoga, breathwork, raising energy and connecting with elemental energies to focus on change and manifestation. If you wish to develop the full spectrum of your natural, latent abilities, along side your body development, this practice is for you. It is the Art of Yoga and Magick. To learn more about this practice please visit PENTAGRAMYOGA.COM


Connected Breathwork

Connected Breathwork is a methodology for personal growth, emotional and spiritual awakening. It is a holistic process involving Conscious Breathing, Thought and Action that embraces the individual on all levels and dimensions. By bringing conscious energy to our thoughts and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve subconscious memories of primeval life situations. Some of these memories get stacked and condensed with the repetition of negative patterns creating constant emotions like fear, sadness, anger or resentment.

The Conscious Breathing –Thinking-Behaving therapy, activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process in the breathwork session, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. It transforms and balances the limiting behaviour patterns, tuning the inner ear in to the spiritual answers that convey the knowledge that is there to be gained from life’s experiences.What is a Breathwork Counseling Session? An initial cycle consists of ten sessions in an emotionally safe environment. During these initial breathwork sessions, an in-depth transformation will enable you to become more aware of curtain situations or events as described above and integrate them into their life as a learning experience. After this first cycle, the breathing technique can then be practiced safely and independently while the client also continues the in-depth process with the professional Breathworker. Through the steps of the process, non-desirable patterns of behaviour are dispelled and we cease to behave as a victim. Understanding and enjoyment can then replace the negative patterns that have limited the development of the full potential of our mind and body.

A Breathwork Counseling session is a safe, effective, natural technique which connects us with our true essence, the source of our inner vigour is a holistic process involving Conscious breathingthought and action that embraces the individual on all levels. It supplies the energy and power needed to transform ourselves.