Your wellbeing is directly equivalent to how open your breath is

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Trauma and repressed memories can stay stuck in the nervous system and affect the way we think and feel without us knowing it.

99% of our thought patterns and emotions are unconscious. Therefore we often feel stuck because it’s hard to know what is holding us back.

Patterns of holding back the breath in relation to stopping ourselves to feel correspond to a multitude of physical, mental and emotional diseases. There is a way out.

What is Breathwork Therapy?


Breathwork Therapy is a powerful healing modality paired with NLP coaching that can help you open up those emotional and psychological blockages. Some of the blocks that arise you may not have even known were there.

People who seek Connected Breathwork may be looking for healing of anxiety, depression, anger, stress and addictions or to improve sleep and breathing issues. Some come to Connected Breathwork to explore their spiritual dimension. Others are simply curious.

In a series of 10 sessions we also look into who you are as a person and how you developed the thought-feeling patterns that you have. This supports an accelerated personal growth and development and ensures that your breakthrough and the insights you receive are long lasting.



* Better athletic performance

* Deeper, more restful sleep

* Deep relaxation and relief of stress and anxiety

* Lowered cortisol and risk of chronic disease

* Healing of trauma, grief and depression

* Energy freed up from old obsessions and made available towards your future

* Expanded consciousness, mystical revelations and higher guidance

* Joy and deep inner peace

* Awaken to the truth of who you really are

What happens during breathwork?


Connected Breathwork starts typically laying on your back, with a trained breathworker sitting next to you. The focus is on a full inhalation through the nose or mouth, connected immediately with a passive exhalation. This is maintained consciously and continuously for as much as 45-60 minutes. The key words for Connected Breathwork are:

  • Conscious:
    Remaining aware of the breath and whatever thoughts, emotions or sensations arise through the process.

  • Connected:
    Using a circular pattern for your breath. That is, as soon as you finish inhaling, you exhale. Before you get to the bottom of the exhalation, you connect right back up to the full inhalation again. Like a circle. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. No pauses.

  • Continuous:
    At some point, you will begin to feel as if you are being breathed and the breath will become continuous almost without effort. Until that point however, one must endeavor to be continuously breathing without pause. This is one of my roles as a breath mentor, to guide you to remain conscious and continuous with your breath.

To the extent that you maintain Conscious, Connected and Continuous breathing, energy will begin to build until you enter into an other-than-usual state of consciousness. This is where healing of trauma or stuck emotions becomes possible. You may experience expanded consciousness, overwhelming feelings of peace and joy and even mystical revelation.

Following this peak there comes a quiet integration phase which is followed by a discussion of your experience. Experiences may vary every time. The spectrum of experiences range from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, release of body blockages through heat or energy movement to release of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) There may be realisations of dysfunctional thought patterns or new thought connections and insights, and deeply spiritual or energetic experiences.

You may be given some homework between sessions to help facilitate the process. In total, a session takes approximately 2 hours.

I will be your guide


My name is Adrian Cox and I have been teaching and coaching people how to develop body, mind and spirit, working with all kinds of people, personalities, bodies and conditions for over 20 years. I am the founder of Yoga Elements, one of the most loved schools of yoga and meditation in Bangkok, Thailand.

I combine Yoga, Breathwork and NLP to help people heal and feel better. Get stronger, clearer and more open. Improve your energy so you become more attractive in a good way and bring in positive synchronicities to your life. That is what happens when you begin to balance the body and open the breath!

Choose between online or in-person breathwork in Kobe, Osaka or Kyoto Japan