Confidence is overrated


You don’t need confidence to teach. Confidence is a state of you thinking about you. The truth is, “you” is a construction. It’s an idea. It doesn’t really “exist” in an objective way. So why should anyone have confidence in it?

Confidence actually gets in the way between you and who you are talking to. Instead, loose yourself in the process of teaching. Be empty. It is a remarkably blissful state actually. Neurologically this state of flow is associated with a shift of electrical activity from the mid-brain to the forebrain.

You don’t need confidence in your self, you just need confidence in your abilities to learn.

For teaching, just keep repeating this process:

  • really look at your students with a clear and empty mind.

  • Get curious about them.

  • Ask yourself, “how can I help?”

  • Simply get your ideas across to them in all effective ways

  • Keep checking: did what you say, show, or do help move that person forwards in some way?

  • If it worked, that is a wonderful learning for you.

  • If it didn’t, just learn to be flexible. Keep changing the way you communicate or what you communicate until you succeed.

You don’t need confidence in your self to teach. Have confidence in your abilities to learn. It will take you much further.