Yoga Elements Teaching Methods

What makes the differences between an instructor and a teacher? Between a good teacher and a great teacher? How would you like to be able to be that type of teacher who can more deeply engage and influence the hearts, minds, and bodies of your students? This training will give you the experience and tools of communication that that really motivate and inspire people. This training will help you to connect more deeply with your purpose in teaching, shape your unique message, and practice powerful communication tools that will help you confidently hold the attention of a room full of people, or even one-to-one.

Yoga Elements Teacher TrainingOur Method

We know how to bring out the best in people, to help you develop confidence, and an eye for detail. Advanced communication training is woven in to the structure and content of this course in a way that you will just find yourself learning, almost automatically. There will be real skill development too: designing six full-length yoga classes and teaching it to two or more students each time. At each turn you will receive valuable feedback and coaching on your design and technique in teaching skill. The Yoga Elements Teaching Methods training produces transformative results.

Two courses in one

Yoga Elements Teaching Methods includes the Experiential Philosophy Course- a multi-dimensional exploration of mind, state, and language. In this training, you will explore your own mind and body at deeper levels, learn how to coach others, and apply what you learn as advanced communication tools in to your classes. As you transform, you will also find your skills in teaching going to new levels.

What you will learn

In addition to the material in the Experiential philosophy course, you will also be learning:

  • How to give and receive feedback that produces changes
  • Precise use of language to induce states of mind and body
  • How to increase commitment levels in your students
  • Creating loops of information for maximum learning
  • Coaching skills to help your students achieve more
  • Outcome-based teaching
  • How to enhance your sensory acuity so you see and hear more
  • What makes for great class design and real experience

 Course details

This course will be helpful to new teachers as well as existing teachers looking to upgrade your skill. Applicants must have completed our YES Immersion and Embodied Anatomy trainings, or already be certified to the 200 hour level.

Cost 52,000 baht ($1600 USD) includes manual, 32 hours of training, and certificate. Can be counted as 32 hours of continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance, and is part of the Yoga Elements Teacher Training course. Complete following Coaching Module for certification as an NLP Practitioner with Adrian Cox and the Society of NLP[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]