Yoga Elements Teacher Training

This is a unique training experience that will produce transformation of your body, your life, and your abilities in teaching. We focus on getting knowledge in to your muscle through sequenced learning experiences. Whether you decide to take this four month program to develop your yoga practice or for becoming an extraordinary teacher (or both?), this is the way to go!

Experiential Philosophy


A unique way of approaching yoga philosophy experientially – learn how to generate different experiences of reality and states of body and mind and then connecting them to what was alluded to in the Yoga Sutra and other texts.

This goes beyond a usual “philosophy” course… it is philosophy, made ‘experiential’. Each day includes partner work, group work, guided practice of yoga, breath technique, and meditation with exercises from modern neuroscience, psychology, and language. This multidimensional course will have a far reaching positive effect upon many areas of your life: including teaching, learning, self-development, and enhancing personal relationships!

Yoga Elements Teaching Methods

Yoga Elements Teacher TrainingThis training will give you the experience and tools of communication that that really motivate and inspire people. This training will help you to connect more deeply with your purpose in teaching, shape your unique message, and practice powerful communication tools that will help you confidently hold the attention of a room full of people, or even one-to-one. The Yoga Elements Teaching Methods training produces transformative results.