The Experiential Philosophy Course

20141029_094530~2Take an mind-expanding tour of your own self: The Embodied Philosophy course is a unique journey through body, mind and perception.

This course is a way of approaching yoga philosophy experientially – by generating different experiences of reality and states of body and mind and then connecting them to what was alluded to in the Yoga Sutra and other texts.

We go beyond the territory of a usual “philosophy” course… it is philosophy, made ‘experiential’. Each day includes partner work, group work, guided practice of yoga, breath technique, and meditation with exercises from modern neuroscience, psychology, and language. This multidimensional course will have a far reaching positive effect upon many areas of your life: including teaching, learning, self-development, and enhancing personal relationships!

Some of what you will learn


  • Daily Guided Practice of Yoga, Breath Technique, and Meditation
  • Entering and Inducing States of Trance
  • Memory, Conscious and Unconscious mind
  • How we Form Identity and Make Generalizations
  • Your Power to Change
  • The Core Transformation process
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How we know what we know
  • The Language of Sense Perceptions
  • The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • Breaking Free of Dualism and Paradox
  • Altering Brainwaves through Physiology and Entrainment

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This course is *not* an introduction to yoga- participants should already have an existing practice of yoga to at least an intermediate level. The focus in this course is on the mind

Cost 24,000 baht ($800USD) includes manual, 32 hours of training, and certificate. Can be counted as 32 hours of continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance, and is part of the Yoga Elements Teacher Training course. Complete following Coaching Module for certification as an NLP Practitioner with Adrian Cox and the Society of NLP