Adrian Cox is the founder and director of Yoga Elements Studio, Adrian Cox
a licensed NLP Trainer, and yoga teacher for over 15 years.

His teachings and work with people draw upon an in-depth study and practice of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, philosophy, mind, and linguistics. He is a licensed trainer and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Society of NLP/ Christina Hall), and certified clinical hypnotherapist,. Adrian applies a keen understanding of language, state, and change processes to facilitate learning and change in a accelerated and generative way.

He brings to his teachings a deep interest in people, change, healing, and personal development.

Adrian daydreams about traveling more to Japan and Bhutan, is an insatiably curious person and justifies playing video games because they are “good for the brain”. He has practiced yoga nearly every day for over 20 years. He co-trains with his Malaysian Chinese wife Shiang Ying (that’s her first name) who speaks five languages, loves embodied anatomy, and is an insanely good cook.

Recent TV interview for Voice TV Thailand

Media Quotes

“Run by American Adrian Cox, this is the most respected studio in town”
Lonely Planet Travel

“Yoga Elements Studio, is easily Bangkok’s best studio”
– Travel and Leisure “Top 25 yoga studios in the world”

Yoga Elements is run by Adrian Phillip Cox whose 20 years of experience and extensive expertise blends a deep understanding of disciplines including Ayurveda, meditation, philosophy, the mind and linguistics. He has mentored and inspired trainee instructors all over the world, hosted international conferences and continues to integrate a variety of disciplines and wisdom into his practice”
-Seek Retreat ”Top 10 yoga studios around the world”