Modafinil experience – The New Viagra of the Mind

Would you like to be able to finish up a project at one go, using a substance that could enable you to stay awake for up to 40 hours at full mental capacity without side-effects, improving alertness, mental capacity, and mood without the mania of amphetamines? If you saw the movie ‘Limitless’, you will likely have […]

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Sunifiram experience- a new and novel mind-enhancing nootropic

Sunifiram is one of the latest, cutting edge nootropics available in the market this year, one of a new class of nootropics called ‘ampakines’. Ampakines work to improve the functioning of the AMPA neurological receptor, which enables faster and clearer signal transmission speed across synapses. It also works to enhance long-term potentiation- the process by which we […]

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